Onefinity Woodworker - Germany

Hi, when did you placed your order?
i wait too… perhaps it´ll arrive mid of July


sorry I did not reply in June, missed it somehow. I got my machine already in 2021. Hope you got yours and enjoy it!


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Hey Aiph5u,

how did you manage to explain german customs that the onefinity is shiped/produced from/in Canada?
Did you support DHL (they did customs deckearance for you if i got it right) with any additional information?
Is there a way to do customs deckearance yourself?
You get a bill in advance, you have a Taric number - should not be too hard to fill in the custims form (just good old german burocracy)?

I am looking forward to read your reply

Einen guten Start in die neue Woche


Hey Max,

the invoice that accompanied the shipment stated it.

I did not have to fill out anything. I answered here and here

Welcome to the forum!

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es sind ´nur´ die DHL-Express gebühren der Abfertigung zu bezahlen.
Einen guten Start in die Woche

I am brand new to the forum and i am considering ordering a Elite Journeyman to Germany.
I am also new to the CNC stuff. I am looking for some exchange and tipps with owners in Germany.
Is it possible to write a personal message here? I couldn’t find anything like that in the forum so far.
I am located in Hessen (Rhein-Main Gebiet)

Hey Thomas,

if you want information on the shipping and customs, I posted this the other day:

I share my knowledge, as far as I have some, in this forum.

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Welcome to the forum!

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