Can we enjoy with the OF when one is a European woodworker or machinist?

Hello to the OF family,
I have a few details to clarify before registering on the waiting list.
These details obviously don’t concern the majority here, but are essential for European customers like me to know. In the first place, it is about the electric voltage of the network which is in 22Ov in Europe. All the information about the 220V that I could see in the forum or the OF site are considerations on the router or spindle. But what about the power supply for the controller box and the 7 "screen? Do they support 220v?

Although the OF site says “Supported in Canada and USA”, I saw German, Swiss and UK customers on a Google Pin Map, 4 in all. Are there others and how is it going for you?
For example, I think about your experience using daily first the metric system (except UK), does the OF behave perfectly once set for the International System?
I look forward to your return to bet on the “beast”


well I hope its all ok… I just buyed one a few weeks ago, and I am from Spain… I saw “220 v outlet” and , wel… didnt think more…

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@Aitor Thank you for your answer, I feel a little less alone, but not yet enough :blush:

If I ask these questions here, it is because the OF is of a design without equivalent elsewhere in this price range, and therefore it is worth the cost of insisting on finding the answers to some legitimate questions that we should ask if you are a customer outside of Canada / USA, questions that I have sought answers to without success here and, I hope, will benefit others potential future customer.

Everything seems OK, all the feedback is good, but I would like to remove the last uncertainties, answers by the community to questions which I did not receive from the OF team (request for information by email). It may seem like details, but it is well worth it, it is all the same a few banknotes that I will leave. It should not be a blind enthusiasm of the moment make me regret later, to have forgotten the basics of a purchase contract.
For example on the forum there is evidence that at least 2 UK people are happy with the machine they have received. So I guess in 220V and their specific UK plug. But elsewhere in Europe the shape is different (at least common for Germany, France, Spain, …) is this taken into account by OneFinity or will we have to adapt it ourselves?
Why then is it to specify on the order page of the OF site, “Supported in Canada and USA”, is it to specify an exclusion for other countries? This little sentence puzzles me, what is its meaning? We can buy outside but without guaranteed support … without spare part … “. And if you read the Terms and Condition” The application of the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is hereby expressly excluded " , litigation is settled in Toronto.

In short, these are simple and boring questions whose quick answer from OneInfinity would allow us to move on to something much more interesting once the beast is in the hands!

I have not seen the inside of the controller box, but if it contains a standard box-type power supply, these usually always have a 110/220v selector switch on the side.

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Inside is a Meanwell LRS-350-36.
There is a red switch on the side that allows you to change from 110 to 220.
Meanwell Power Supply

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Hi John,
so far i think i am the “one and only” Person from Switzerland. I had only to change the power cable (which i took from a desktop PC) and besides that, everything worked very well. I didn‘t feel “not welcomed” so far, but yes, if something happens, its a long way from Canada to Switzerland to ship things around. Shipment took 7 days, which i think is very fast.
OF with Mark an Jenn were so far are amazing and did help me by email a lot and included everything i ordered in the box.
I am happy with my woodworker cnc an OF has done a great job in my opinion. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Kiwiki, this is the testimony I was waiting for. I am going to take the plunge in my turn. So you didn’t get the right power cables, but maybe that has changed since then because you were really one of the very first early adopters. If this is not the case, it is not a real problem, I will also find a replacement electric cable model standard europe (German Schuko plug). There remains the case of the 12v power supply for the 7 "screen. On the Official Onefinity CNC Assembly video, I can see a transformer directly connected to a socket outlet. Have you received a 220v -> 12v transformer and also had to make any adaptation?

Hi John
I just wrote you a message :slight_smile:
Let me know what you will do :slight_smile:

You finally convinced me, it’s done, 3 months of waiting now. The availability of a 80mm spindle mount before delivery could be the counterpart of this long wait, and there are clues that I can believe it.
I understand that the main competition here is against the Shapeoko, and it’s won for the woodworkers.
But once a 80mm mount will be available soon for a 2.2kW spindle with a ER20, and later the 4th axis in option, it will be also definitely the chinese cnc killer for metalworkers also.
The innovative design, robustness, the community around, have been already enough arguments today for tipped the balance in my choice for the OF.

sorry, that means We have to open the box and change that for ourselves ??
Or our european units will come here ready to go ??

I believe the controller uses a standard computer power cord:
" …power cord with a country specific standard power plug attached on one end and a c13 power cord coupler to the other is generally called an IEC cord or computer power cord as it is majorly used in computer applications."
If you do not already have a desktop computer or monitor that has one that works in your country you would need to buy one - it just plugs into the back of the controller, no need to open the case.

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Yes, this has been confirmed by @Kiwiki’s own experience. I’m assuming it’s a Schuko plug, and therefore should fit a Spanish outlet.

Hey! I’m on the same way like you…same questions, same thoughts! :sweat_smile::wink:
And almost on the trigger to buy…:crazy_face:
Found not that much about shipping to Europe, especially customers those got it already…CE Sign necessary, Zoll, Devices??:thinking:
Are you from Germany, right??
Best, Stephan from Berlin, Germany

Hello @sk8merch,
The OF Team was very busy during this holiday period. Jenn from the OF team, finally responded after my order was placed, and gave me positive confirmation of everything I finally got from the forum.
For information, I reproduce here some answers that may be useful to you or european customer in general.
"> First, yes, we do offer support to any customer that purchases a Onefinity machine, regardless of where they live! If any support is needed, it is generally done through Emails which we are able to use to auto translate, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
> There are adjustments that can be made in the controller software to change between metric and imperial. You can check out our forum for instruction.
> The shipping costs are given at checkout, and I believe to France they are $325 using DHL Express.
> We do have the power supply Country specific, so this will not be a problem for you. While the touch screen does not come with an adapter for other Countries, it can also be powered directly through the controller with the USB port.
I would of course like their official site to be clearer on all this, or even updated because contradictory with the response by email on the support, for example the explicit mention that we can always read “Supported in Canada and USA”. Another detail on this site which at first made me doubt: all CNC specifications are given only in imperial. On this subject, I appreciated a recent @satoer’s evolution request Add metric units to all documentation.
Finally, you could be the first owner of an OF in Germany, at least identified on this forum by what I read there, or by the contacts I had there.
John from Paris, France.

Hello @sk8merch,
a fellow german on this end :slight_smile: Hi! - Have you already pulled the trigger? :slight_smile: The technical compatibility with the German infrastructure seems to be given. Have you also investigated the import fees?

Hey guys,

glad to see not being alone and first with the OF in Europe! Thanks for sharing your experience with the import. I have just placed my order end of last week. A bit more complicated for me, as the shipping cost given at checkout jumped to 1000 USD when I filled the destination being Czech Republic, so I spent some time emailing with the OF team. Asked as well about eventual reseller in EU, but nothing set up yet. They are too busy to fulfill the orders and majority of customers are US and Canada.

I think it would be great to share experience between us, as there will always be some European specifics like bits, slightly different plywood materials etc.


Welcome Josef, $ 1000 for shipping costs ! :thinking: Attention, you must uncheck the optional box “sending the precious framed by an elite police escort” next to that of UPS :policeman: :police_car:

I must have missed it :sunglasses:

Buenos días Aitor, eres la única persona que he encontrado de España que use la máquina quisiera pedirte que te pongas en contacto conmigo si es posible para dos preguntas muy breves ya que no controlo la página ni el modo de mensajes. Gracias

te he mandado mensaje, ya diras