European options?

Interested in the Elite Series options but I am presently residing in Prague, Cz. Any more thoughts on European distributors? Can Onefinity CNC’s be configured for 220-240V?
Finally, what is the max weight for the base model Elite Series, router included?
thanks for info,

Onefinity does not have any distributors in any country - they sell and ship.

Here is a link a search brought up regarding power in other countries:

As far as mass of Elite machines, I believe it would be similar to the regular machines based on the hardware differences highlighted. I do not think there are officially published specs yet as far as mass, but I did find this post from a European buyer of a Journeyman that may be helpful until you get other more definitive answers:


Hey Lyle,

normally the power supply inside the Onefinity Controller is set to the correct voltage of the target country. I know of only one case where someone in South Africa got one once with the wrong voltage set.