Add metric units to all documentation

Could you please add metric units to all documentation (specs, manual). It’s annoying to convert everything, and I think the users in the rest of the world would be thankful also. :wink:


But Antartica… Think of the penguins…

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I was just talking to my friend in Myanmar and my other friend in Liberia the other day and we can’t for the life of us figure out what is so great about the Metric system. lol Sorry couldn’t help myself.

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But even if the metric system wasn’t the best thing ever, Onefinity really should supply both units in their documentation if they are selling the product internationally.

  • Imperial
  • Metric
  • :banana: Banana (for scale :rofl:)


Banana… Yes… But of course is it one of those awesome tiny ones or a standard Chiquita?

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I agree, i prefer metric over imperial and I am an American


The picture is not really true. The USA officially adopted the metric system early.

See also this map which shows real use today.

But hey, the Onefinity CNC comes from Canada. Please, can we have metric units in the docs. Et un manuel en français serait sympa (chez LeeValley c’est normal)

Hey Satoer,

you got to update your map:

Boris Johnson announces the return of imperial weights and measures

… S. P. Q. B. (Sono Pazzi Questi Britanni)

But I think the imperial system is also very nice:

© Christoph Päper, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During one of the US’s pushes to “teach metic” in my junior high days (early 70s, Deep South), we were ‘taught metric’ about a day. The rest of the semester was taught ‘conversion’ to and from imperial/metric.

I could see that metric was the less confusing, but the overwhelming majority felt it cumbersome… it wasn’t, it was ‘conversation’ that was cumbersome. (How many meters in 1’ 2-3/8”)

Just teach metric. Slap the teacher’s hands if they mention inch, foot, yard, or mile during the first half of that semester.

My opinion. As they say, everybody’s got one.


I like “base 10” and water.