Unit of measure default (will be included in the final version of 1.0.6)

Currently when powering up the controller, the units of measure defaults to metric. Although we can change it to imperial, it reverts back to metric after reboot. Would like to see where we can set our own default units of measure.


this would be a big help to have this save.

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I agree, would be a nice feature.

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Yes please. Definitely is annoying.

Agree here. Annoying to have to reset.


If I set something I expect it to persist until I change it.

I am tired of changing every time I power up

Am I missing something? I am pretty sure I have run gcode built in both units and it runs fine regardless of the setting. The files have a g20 or g21 to identify their units. Is there an issue beyond cosmetic I am not having?

+1 The default units defined on the Settings screen should be applied to the Control screen as well.

@Hermsen.BJ when the system first boots, Units always gets set to metric on the Control screen regardless of the default specified on the Settings screen. Gcode can change this but not until you load/run your gcode file. Before doing that, there are setup steps, notably Probe XYZ which requests the bit diameter in mm. All of my bits are Imperial so I either have to switch the units to Imperial or do the conversion of my bit size from imperial to metric. You can argue this is a minor issue but it is annoying nonetheless.


OK… That makes sense… I rarely probe for xyz (typically just x) so that is why I haven’t been impacted.

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For all who are interested in this, I worked with the Buildbotics folks and they just fixed this issue in their code base. Now it is just a matter of @OnefinityCNC pulling in their fix.

Are you sure 1F even works w/BB? The last set of emails I had w/BB is that they are totally disconnected and have no desire work on things mutually.

I do not believe 1F is expected to “work with” BB, as the 1F is based on BB but 1F has made modifications to make it their own platform to work with the two CNCs they build and sell. I also believe that efforts to modify/improve on the BB controller, in particular by members in our community, should be able to be implemented one day by 1F - at least that is the hope. I imagine some of these changes would be easier than others and would depend on the hardware and software changes 1F has made to the BB. Others who know better may clarify or modify my assumptions.

The Buildbotics folks have made it clear that 1F is a separate product and they will not “support” us. 1F has forked the code and at this point it is up to them to implement any changes. My frustration is that in some cases the 1F folks say they can’t change something because that is how Buildbotics implemented it, as if they are stuck with it, which is sort of a cop-out IMO. In this particular case, I was able to get BB to actually implement the fix in their code base (in part because I happen to know one of them personally) and I was then able to pull it in to the 1F code base with no problems. It is like five lines of code. I sent the fix to 1F and they still haven’t done anything with it.

It will be in the final release of 1.0.6 (we actually have a build running of it internally) and the release notes will be giving you credit!


@OnefinityCNC great news! I don’t need credit, just glad to hear you were able to pull it in. I"m already running 1.0.6 beta. Didn’t realized you were continuing to make changes to that version.

Yes, there’s still a few things we’re implementing and one very low lying bug.