Metric to Imperial

I have a Woodworking CNC and would like to know how to change metric units to imperial units automatically and not having to remember to individually change the units after loading the controller.

I believe this will be saved in the new firmware (1.0.7) releasing soon.


Does Onefinity have an update on this. I am running v1.0.8 and it wont retain imperial settings. Every reboot I must change back to Imperial.

This is Onefinity’s way to say that it’s time to change into metric like the rest of the world :grin::wink:


The newer firmware 1.0.8 addressed this issue, however you have to reset your configuration for the update to take effect. Write down any custom code you put into the gcode sections as this and if you modified your touchplate dimensions will get lost.

After you refresh just reboot and it should retain your setting for units of measure.


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Thanks Alex. I sent them an email and they got back to me. I missed the big green save button after changing in settings.

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