Can we enjoy with the OF when one is a European woodworker or machinist?

Yes, this has been confirmed by @Kiwiki’s own experience. I’m assuming it’s a Schuko plug, and therefore should fit a Spanish outlet.

Hey! I’m on the same way like you…same questions, same thoughts! :sweat_smile::wink:
And almost on the trigger to buy…:crazy_face:
Found not that much about shipping to Europe, especially customers those got it already…CE Sign necessary, Zoll, Devices??:thinking:
Are you from Germany, right??
Best, Stephan from Berlin, Germany

Hello @sk8merch,
The OF Team was very busy during this holiday period. Jenn from the OF team, finally responded after my order was placed, and gave me positive confirmation of everything I finally got from the forum.
For information, I reproduce here some answers that may be useful to you or european customer in general.
"> First, yes, we do offer support to any customer that purchases a Onefinity machine, regardless of where they live! If any support is needed, it is generally done through Emails which we are able to use to auto translate, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
> There are adjustments that can be made in the controller software to change between metric and imperial. You can check out our forum for instruction.
> The shipping costs are given at checkout, and I believe to France they are $325 using DHL Express.
> We do have the power supply Country specific, so this will not be a problem for you. While the touch screen does not come with an adapter for other Countries, it can also be powered directly through the controller with the USB port.
I would of course like their official site to be clearer on all this, or even updated because contradictory with the response by email on the support, for example the explicit mention that we can always read “Supported in Canada and USA”. Another detail on this site which at first made me doubt: all CNC specifications are given only in imperial. On this subject, I appreciated a recent @satoer’s evolution request Add metric units to all documentation.
Finally, you could be the first owner of an OF in Germany, at least identified on this forum by what I read there, or by the contacts I had there.
John from Paris, France.

Hello @sk8merch,
a fellow german on this end :slight_smile: Hi! - Have you already pulled the trigger? :slight_smile: The technical compatibility with the German infrastructure seems to be given. Have you also investigated the import fees?

Hey guys,

glad to see not being alone and first with the OF in Europe! Thanks for sharing your experience with the import. I have just placed my order end of last week. A bit more complicated for me, as the shipping cost given at checkout jumped to 1000 USD when I filled the destination being Czech Republic, so I spent some time emailing with the OF team. Asked as well about eventual reseller in EU, but nothing set up yet. They are too busy to fulfill the orders and majority of customers are US and Canada.

I think it would be great to share experience between us, as there will always be some European specifics like bits, slightly different plywood materials etc.


Welcome Josef, $ 1000 for shipping costs ! :thinking: Attention, you must uncheck the optional box “sending the precious framed by an elite police escort” next to that of UPS :policeman: :police_car:

I must have missed it :sunglasses:

Buenos días Aitor, eres la única persona que he encontrado de España que use la máquina quisiera pedirte que te pongas en contacto conmigo si es posible para dos preguntas muy breves ya que no controlo la página ni el modo de mensajes. Gracias

te he mandado mensaje, ya diras

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hi at all.
i am also thinking about to order a x-50 journeyman.
so i hope someone could help me about the question about Zoll etc

Hat jemand aus Deutschland schon eine bestellt und kann mir hierzu mehr sagen?
Does somebody from Germay still order a machine and can help me to find out the right way.

Welcome to the forum Frank. Most of the info you are seeking will be
in this topic.
Onefinity Woodworker - Germany



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Hi there,
This is my first post on this forum. I am about to buy an OF. I am interested in this subject on sending to Europe, I am in France.
I would be delighted to be able to discuss with a Frenchman concerning his acquisition of an OF.
Best regards

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Hey Dreyau,

are you more interested in discussing in French or just to know what the import costs are to the EU? I live in Germany and since the machines come from Canada, and between the EU and Canada the CETA agreement applies, I only had to pay the German VAT (19%). DHL Express still took about 60 EUR for the customs clearance process.

What was steep was the DHL Express shipping cost of 650 EUR for a Journeyman with QCW frame.

Onefinity states here that the HS Code for their CNC machine is 8458190090. There is no entry for this on the TARIC database of EU commision available here but 8458190000 shows 0% import duty for Canada (thanks to CETA). If the machine came from the USA, third country duty 2.7% is displayed (because TTIP has never come into force).

The shipment consisted of four packages (weight and dimensions described here)

Welcome to the forum!

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Thank’s a lot for your answer. I’m not sure I understand everything. The (VAT) in France is 20%. Should I pay it in addition to the transport cost of 650€? :face_with_monocle:

You can buy a 4 and a 6mm collet for the Makita Router.
I run my machine in the metric system, bits too, all programs, and all CAD. I buy USA bits and they are labeled 3.175, 6.35mm etc…

I do not see a problem. You might have to pay import tax (Mehrwertsteuer), yes, but you would have to pay that on any CNC. It’s such a great machine for the price.


Hey Dreyau,

yes exactly. When the shipment tracking showed the packages were in Germany, we got an E-Mail from DHL Express (to the E-Mail address that you specified in the ordering process) with a payment request for the Import VAT. It was a link to a web page where you could use different payment methods. After we paid, the packages were delivered. DHL Express does the customs clearance process for you and adds a small fee for this service. At least this is how it was done in Germany.

Hey Aiph5u,
Naively, I hadn’t included that in the equation.
It is the price to pay to import this machine which seems to be better than these competitors. Does your experience with the machine confirm it?
Before I make mi choice, I was looking the german Stepcraft. Hard to make my decision but the reputation and the “no PC needs” made me lean towards OF.


I can confirm all details that Aiph5u described concerning the import to EU. Count with your local VAT % in addition to your purchasing price from Canada, plus transport cost, plus fee for customs clearance, plus eventually the customs % on whole invoice or on specific parts only (depends on description on the invoice - Country Of Origin - on my invoice in 2021 the shipping was from Canada but the items had COO USA, means I had to pay the customs 2.7% on top, the CETA agreement could not be applied in such case despite it was written on the invoice).

But still the value for money is great and I am happy I bought it.

Cheers, Josef


Hi Tom,

thanks for your comments. Yes, I do have the 4 and 6mm collets and use different bits from US and Europe, no problems.

And you are right, taxes are on all machines and I am also happy with the OF, great value for money.


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Hey Tom,

ANY Makita hand trim router sold outside the U.S. has 6 and 8 mm collet.

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