Halloween decoration

Found a 2x2 piece of plywood for less than $4 at Lowes yesterday. Decided to use half and make this yard sign from a vector image I found online. Scary how quickly an idea can come to life with this machine. Wife asked “what do we need to do to make it waterproof”. My response was “Why? I still have the file so I can make another.” HA!


That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing

Did this with the other half. Any good ideas for my future builds on how to incorporate a feature to stack layers?


That is a fantastic idea and execution… well done @UTLONGHORN great use of the otherwise dead space in front of the OF.


Nice work UTLONGHORN, can I ask where you got the brass locating pins?


Veritas Round Bench Dogs - Lee Valley Tools
Description. Our round bench dogs are made from solid brass rod and can be installed in any bench by drilling a 3/4" hole. Brass dogs are non-corroding and kind to your tools.

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Lee Valley Tools, but I also saw them available at my local Woodcraft

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Thanks for the information. I will check it out.