Help with toolpath

How do you make a toolpath to take a 2x4 and make a wedge out of it? Thanks for any help.

I am using carveco maker

I don’t use carveco but my brain says the wedge could be placed on its side and cut as a profile vs being a ramped 3d type carve… Just an idea to maybe flip your thinking on an axis vs wedging your door shut.

Thanks BJ, that’s something to think about.

Exactly what BJ said – far easier to do a profile than a 3D carve for something like that.


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Gonna sound dumb but there are many better ways besides a CNC, bandsaw, table saw, jointer are some.


All true Pat - especially if it’s just a simple wedge. Bandsaw would certainly be my first choice.


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Lift one side of the board to the angle you want, put a block/ spacer under it and run a surfacing pass or just do it manually if a one off.

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Don’t have any of those tools.

I think a table saw or mitre saw would work best!

Miter saw would be terrible just because it’s not meant to rip… it’s for cross cutting

Yes, I have a miter saw and no it won’t work.

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Hey Steve,

maybe by creating a wedge?

Seems you want to start to use a CNC and have not learned basic CAD.

The exact procedure depends on which CAD software you use. The link above is for free and open CAD/CAM software Freecad. I don’t know Carveco, but the creating primitives step should go similarly. Usually CAD softwares have a manual and tutorials for beginners on their websites.

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