Hitachi WJ200 VFD Discontinued

Just an FYI that Hitachi transitioned from the WJ200 to the C1 series over the holiday.

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you have not provided a source for your assertion.

When looking at Hitachi VFDs (US) or Hitach VFDs (EU), it does not seem that Hitachi retired the Hitachi WJ200. And even if it did, you can still buy the identical Omron MX2.

EDIT: I just read the VFD Manual of Hitachi WJ-C1 VFD. It seems it is designed as a successor to the WJ200. As an owner of Omron MX2 (identical to Hitachi WJ200), I think it can be recommended. Like the MX2 and the WJ200, it also has Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) and can run both asynchronous induction motors and synchronous (permanent magnet) motors like the DATRON Syncro spindles as well (with those, you can mill steel /very/ slowly, go down to 1000 or even 100 rpm, but also fast, up to 40,000 or 34,000 rpm, with the same spindle).


A.1.4 Data Copy from WJ200 to WJ-C1

  • When copying parameter settings from WJ200 to WJ-C1, the following methods are available:
  1. Copy data using the optional remote operator WOP.
  2. Copy data using the inverter configuration software ProDriveNext.
  3. Set manually referring to the parameter list of WJ200 and WJ-C1.
  • WJ-C1 is designed to be upwardly compatible with WJ200 Ver3.2. If WJ200 version to be copied is older than Ver 3.2, additional parameters associated with the upgrade are not copied.
    For detailed information such as additional parameters, refer to the β€œWJ200 Series Instruction Manual (NT325DX or later)” and set them individually for WJ-C1 as required.
  • After copying the data, be sure to check that there is no problem with the operation of the system.
  • The setting range of some parameters of WJ-C1 have been extended for functional enhancements. It is not possible to copy data from WJ-C1 to WJ200 when the settings are specific to WJ-C1.

– Source: Hitachi WJ-C1 User’s Manual

NOTE: The exact differences between WJ200 and new WJ-C1 are on pages 484 – 486 of the manual.

One difference is that like my Omron MX2, which has max. frequency capability of 580 Hz, the max. frequency of WJ-C1 is 590 Hz (instead of 400 Hz with the WJ200). With a spindle with two magnetic poles, a VFD with 400 Hz max. frequency can deliver max. 24,000 RPM spindle speed. A VFD with 580 Hz max. frequency can deliver max. 34,800 RPM and one with 590 Hz max. frequency can deliver 35,400 RPM (useful for spindles like this one and this one).

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