Machine is up and running without issues

I ordered my Journeyman X-50 in July and was happy to see it delivered early by at least two weeks. This allowed me the month of September to work on setting it up. I made a few videos setting it up, I’ll post links.

Initial table set up

Wiring and dust collection

My first cut and short spindle issue discussion

I purchased mine with the 80mm spindle mount as I wanted to keep it as quite as possible while having the additional collet capacity/capacity up to 1/2 inch.
The spindle was purchased from Automation Technologies as recommended by another Onefinity user.

At the time they were not offering a Hitachi WJ200-022SF VFD. This was available from Driveswarehouse.
Hitachi WJ200-022SF VFD

I wanted Hitachi due to the local support and ease of using the supplied manual. Many people commented on how easy it was to follow and I would agree.
I wired everything up, changed the 6-8 parameters in the VFD and I was off and running. Communication using the break out board purchased from Onefinity allowed me to control the spindle from the program - another must on my list.
I have hit a few bumps along the way however this forum and google became useful tools in overcoming any issues.
Between doing some projects for family and friends, I have been working on cable management. I picked up a 3D printer and made my own drag chain and brackets. I went to marketplace to find electrical boxes large enough to house circuits and the VFD.
I will include as much information as possible in additional posts and videos as this helped me through the process of setting up.

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