How to Finish it

First time I have made one of these. Bass wood with two coats of seal coat on it but I’m completely at a loss as to how to finish it. Don’t want to paint it. Any suggestions?

Since you sealed it, your options are gel stain or paint.

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Thanks. What if I hadn’t sealed it?

Then you could have used any stain.
I forgot, you could use glazes too.
Sometimes I stain, then seal, then use water based paint.
Use your imagination!

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You can add dye to poly or lacquer to tint it and spray it on. This was done that way.


I’ve never thought about adding dye to poly or lacquer. I’ll have to give it a try also.

Unsealed/before sealing, I sometimes use dye in alcohol. Alcohol lets me move it around, blend it, and target grain for darkening/color change even after it dries (assuming an alcohol soluble dye :wink:)

For example, black dye sanded back with a high grit leaves the grain darker and the non-grain parts the base color of the wood. I can’t find any examples I’ve done on my photos but here is one I found

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