How to upgrade your firmware on your Onefinity Elite Masso g3 touch controller

Loading software onto MASSO Touch

Regular updates are released to add more features to the units.

The software upgrade process can be easily performed on-site by following the instructions below:

Each software version is complete and and does not require previous software versions to be installed.

This process is the same whether you are installing a new MASSO or updating software.

Always make a backup of your settings and save a copy of the printable file to check your settings are correct after updating.

INFORMATION: The latest software updates are available from your my Workshop portal.

Information: Avoid using unbranded USB Flash drives as these are known to give issues with software install and upgrades

Information: Always make a backup of your settings before upgrading your software.

  • Ensure you are using the right software install instructions for your controller. These are for MASSO Touch.
  • Ensure your Flash drive is formatted to Fat32.
  • Note that drives larger that 32Gb may not format to Fat32 and cannot be used.
  • Ensure that your flash drive is using MBR as GPT is not supported.
  • Create a folder called MASSO on the flash drive and copy the software file downloaded from MY WORKSHOP
  • Back up your current setting and save the printable file.
  • On powering the MASSO Touch and immediately tap the screen repeatedly until the MASSO software load screen appears. If the software load screen does not appear re-power MASSO and start again.
  • Select the desired software from the list in the software load screen and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • After the software has finished loading press the Escape button on screen and your MASSO will restart with your new software.
  • Use your printable file to check your settings after updating.
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