MASSO 5.07 released

The latest version was released on March 8th. Anyone upgraded yet? It has a fix for the WIFI lock issue and some other fixes. You can monitor MASSO from the iPhone app and there is a new g-code (MSG) for sending messages to the iPhone/Andrioid app.

Release notes here: MASSO G3 - v5.07 Release Notes

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Any reason why we should NOT upgrade to the new MASSO release?

I’ve installed today, went without a hitch. Love the app. Also downloaded .Masso’s wifi 2.12

Did not go good for me, Downloaded the new app and my password is too long (more then 15 Characters) What a Joke.

@Woodpecker I saw your posts on this, it is crazy in this day. However, that is the mobile app, did you install 5.07? How did that install go?

No after the goofy password thing. I think I will wait. The fix that I am waiting for is the G-code scrolling issue. Another dumb thing. After 2000 lines of g -code and the feedback just stops, not rocket science…
I think its coming in 5.1

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This is the readme for version 5.07

Anyone know what the first one is all about, Spindle Auto on/off, a little vague. The readme is just not helpful. Spindle on/off is kind of important.

  • Spindle Auto On/Off – Logic improvements and bug fixes.
  • MASSO Link – Improved file transfer error checking and faster file transfer speed.
  • WiFi locking – Fixed an issue where the WiFi communication would stop and the controller had to be power cycled.

A good question. I would ask on the Masso forum and an expert should be able to provide the missing details.

I did post this question on the MASSO forum this morning:–-logic-improvements-and-bug-fixes.3954/

Let’s wait for the answer.

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When I first got my Elite a warning from Masso was sent out to disable a spindle setting as it sometimes would start the spindle when it shouldn’t, this I think would be the fix for that.
Anxious to see what they have to say.

Come on, a little more information please, WHAT spindle setting? How Long ago?

it was a bug in 5.03 that got fixed in 5.06.

Pat this thread is about version 5.07 why are you sharing data about version 5.03? WE all need to know what is going on with this

  • Spindle Auto On/Off – Logic improvements and bug fixes. in version V5.07

This should be very important for all including the Onefinity support “Leader”

Because I thought the bug was being addressed in version 5.07 not realizing it was fixed in 5.06, sorry to add confusion here

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The release notes for 5.07 include Spindle Auto On/Off – Logic improvements and bug fixes. in version V5.07

So perhaps there is more to it. No reply on my post on the MASSO forum yet.

No word from MASSO on my question yet. I forged ahead and did the update because I really want that WiFi fix! The update went smoothly and took a few minutes. I made a backup of my settings and saved the print file too. All was well afterwards. You have to install the new MASSO Link v2.12 also.

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Firmware 5.07 with MASSO Link 2.12 has been rock solid stable on WiFi! I’ve worked 6+ hours a day uploading multiple files and not had a single WiFi issue.

There has been some conversation on the MASSO thread I started about the spindle fix. Nothing detailed, seems like its just taken a few iterations to fix a known problem.

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I am unable to get the software load screen to come up. I am tapping the screen as shown in the YouTube video but it just starts the regular usage screen.
Any ideas?
I even went out a purchased a new “name brand” (PNY) USB drive.
I know the drive works because the settings files re being saved as expected…

I had to plug a USB keyboard in and press F1 on that. Tapping the screen used to work for me, but it quit a while back.

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Do you remove the USB drive, plug it in there, remove the keyboard and connect te USB drive? Or is there another USB port available?