Huanyang Spindle & VFD Set-up

Looking at purchasing the Huanyang Spindle & VFD. Is there anyone out there that can program and wire it for a fee? Just want to do it right…the first time.

Thanks in advance!

Jason Stewart on the 1F FB group offers this service.

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Where are you locaated?

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Located in Scottsdale, AZ

Ben Meyers has a great video on how to wire up the VFD and water cooled spindle on YouTube. That is what I used to wire up mine. It also covers all the settings you need to do. Here is the link


Thanks, Paul! More great advice to add to the knowledge base!

Hay Robert

I’m down in Casa Grande and looking to get the same assistance you’re looking for. I just SMOKE checked my spindle while trying to set the parameters up on my VFD. We’re you able to get in touch with an expert on these VFD’s?