Is anyone using the 7 watt laser engraving on glass

is anyone using the Jtech 7 watt laser engraving on glass

I haven’t done that yet, but I’ve heard that if you spray paint on it, it will etch through. Then you remove the paint and the glass will be etched.

do you know any good videos on that subject

To add what @alden mentioned, I believe a flat paint would work best. When I used to work at Toyota, we would laser scan body sub-assemblies and we used to spray them with a white powdery spray (similar to talcum powder) so the laser would be able scan the surface. The idea is to reduce the reflective nature of the item being laser marked or scanned.

Here is a good one.

I have. Works great. There is a write up about it on JTech website. I did some baking dishes and just used flat black paint then etched it. Followed by a acetone to clean the paint.

I watch a video they used cold galvanizing compound by rust-oleum that burns dark and cleans up with water & a Brillo pad.Has anyone try this.

I watch that video .It was very helpfull thank you

I have not tried glass, but preparing to engrave a mirror. I have engraved on ceramic tile using a similar technique, cleaning then painting the tile in order for the laser to engrave on the tile. I used a white gloss (primer and paint combo) only because a flat or satin wasn’t available. The gloss paint worked well but I will try another using flat paint. In my head, flat paint would not reflect the laser like gloss but that’s why we test. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one…

thanks Joe I Like that video .I also watch little Larue it is very informative hers the link if someone wants to watch not sure I did that wright