First laser engrave with my new 14w JTech

No laser experience but here is my first engrave with my new 14w Jtech in slate. Designed from the US Mint coin using Vectric and Lightburn. 160ipm 60%


I might sound like I’ve had my head under the ground but did you say 14 w
And were there any preparations to this late needed prior to Engraving

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Is that slate/ shale? How fast was it? I’ve wanted a laser that can etch stone but it didn’t look like the 7w could do it.

Yup brand new from Jtech. Dual 7w diodes. Prep was just a light spray of poly to add some contrast

Well still dialing in the process but getting good results at 140 ipm @ 80% power. And yes slate blank coasters

Amazing!!! Love it!!!

That looks great. What step over are you using?
I am using the 7W JTech with the Vectric Laser Module and have decent results so far. Still dialing in the speed and power settings.