Is (stall) home consistent enough to use as a reference?

Just a passing query, I have other solutions, but…
Many of my most popular projects have to be removed and replaced on the CNC for additional tool paths that use bits not so good for using the probe 2 or 3 times before completely finished, sometimes days apart. My spoilboard system uses threaded inserts on 2 inch centers. If I home the machine and fix a blank using the inserts to hold it in place and then cut an L shaped x/y fence with intersection at say 2,2 from the original home position, could I in the future place the reference fence, turn on and home the 1F, run a macro (just a g-code file) that moves to 2,2 and reestablishes the position as 0,0 and be assured of good realignment? That would save 20 or 30 put-the-quarter-inch-end-mill-in-spindle-probe-x-and-y-then-put-in-the-bit-I-really-want iterations a day for me.

Hey John,

you may be interesed in this :slight_smile:

I’ve found a inconsistencies with the stall homing, which are mainly generated when either axis being homed is already too close to its limit.

It tends to push a little harder, if the distance to home is shorter, I’m making assumptions but I think it’s due to latency, and the startup torque/amperage applied which doesn’t subside as quickly as it would if it reached constant speed, but then hits its soft limit immediately. So peak amperage/speed and it drives itself into that limit a little prematurely and the amperage is very unstable, creating inconsistency.

When I home, I make the effort to leave 3-4” to full upper position on the Z and even more on x/y. It has been consistent with that process.

I may be wrong but this is what I’ve noticed, and have made sense of in my own head.

I’ve taken to double checking both 'y ’ rails when I home the machine. Sometimes one rail will not flush up to the stop. When that happens I jog with my joystick all the way to the back and then “crash” it at high speed forwards…Bob’s your uncle. Then re-home. This has only happened occasionally but I wouldn’t rely on homing to give you a perfect 0/0 if you are running a series of projects, especially days apart.

Thank you, everyone. Most helpful.