Journeyman 50" not squared


I upgraded to the journeyman 50" x rail and i updated the 0 motors using the settings they provided.


travel per rev 10 to 16mm
soft limits max 1219mm

am i missing something because every time I check for square, it is always off. Please advise. Thanks!

The anomaly here is the Y rails had to be spread apart to accept the wider X rail. When I setup my Woodworker X-50, as accurately as possible via tape measure, the feet of both Y rails X’ed perfectly square. When I installed the X rail and let it settle in to the grooves tightened down. However, it took multiple times of pushing front to back, back to front, loosening all the X bolts and re-tightening, before I got consistent square results. My take is the machined grooves don’t guarantee 100% square results combined with the slop in the mounting holes. After being satisfied with the final assembly, via the game pad, after homing, I scribed a perimeter line into the table with a 60 degree Vbit the size of the wasteboard. This accomplished 2 things, 1 a way to align the wasteboard to the machine/table, 2 another opportunity to check for square via the X method with a tape measure. I only work with wood and the properties of the wood, will change during a carve. Whether it stays perfectly flat, twists, warps. In my world, square is a must but sweating .005” of other alignment issues doesn’t matter working with wood, when the properties of it constantly change during a carve. Hope this helps, can be more detailed about the setup process and/or more details about the multiple fine tunings to get the machine consistent.

Hey Gigglybert,

you machine is square when the diagonals are equal. I would use a bar gauge to check this, as mentioned in the “squaring” topics below:

:white_check_mark: Note that after successful “squaring” of the machine by loosening, repositioning and tightening two feet of the machine, you’ll have to move both left and right Y sliders manually towards front until they each touch their front end, with the Onefinity Controller powered off (=important, because the stepper idle current would prevent this if Controller was on). You should previously have loosened the eight bolts that hold the X axis down while you do this, and retighten them after you reached the front end position with the two Y sliders.

Further Reading

This is this forum’s official squaring the machine thread:

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Hey aiph5u!!!

Thank you for this tip! Sorry for the late reply but when I finally got around to doing what you recommended, my projects were dead square! I had originally assumed that just by moving the x axis from front to back would automatically square the cnc but I was wrong.

I ended up measuring diagonally and noticed that I was off by 3/4 of an inch. When I got it to about 1/8 in difference I thought that would be good enough and the results were night and day. Thank you very much for you help!!!