JourneyMan Upgrade -Spindle 220V - Break-Out Box Connect to VFD

I recently ordered a 2.2KW Air Cooled Spindle Motor ER20 with VFD Drive Inverter 220V along withe Oninfinity Break-Out Box ( JourneyMan CNC 32x48) , my challenge is the physical wiring from the Break-out Box ( PWM (pin 17) _ GND ( pin 25) . Note the Spindle and VDF are 220V.

[ RATTMMOTOR CNC Air Cooled Spindle Motor Kit, 2.2KW Barbados | Ubuy ]

I need to know the Pin Connection from the Break-Out Board to the VFD Pin sockets.

Hey Julian,

the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller is connected from its Modbus serial terminal pins 13 and 14 on the 25-pin I/O port to the corresponding RS-485+ and RS-485- pins on the VFD.

See here for instructions.

Then on the TOOL page of the CNC controller, you select your VFD model and make sure that the serial communications settings are the same on the Onefinity Controller and on the VFD.

If on the TOOL page the Modbus Status says “connected”, they are connected and you can enter the g-code command “M3 S8000” in the command entry field of the manual data interface (MDI) in the tabbed section of the CONTROL page of Onefinity Controller. If Modbus says “timedout”, you should check your cable. It has to be a shielded, twisted pair cable for serial connection.

This assumes that you already programmed all necessary settings inside your VFD.

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Thank you soo much you sumarized it very well I am now seeing what appeared to be complicated much more easier now.

Question: What about Turning ON and OFF the Spindle via the VFD and Break-Out Box. I assume the Break-out pins are 15 & 25 ? and with repect to the VFD FA=NC, FC = NO, FB = C

I documented your reply please see attached, any other advise please include Look forward to your reply…

Hey Julian,

you don’t read my posts, do you?
I already wrote you this:

So NO, I repeat, you don’t connect any other pins except pins 13 and 14 for Modbus control over the RS-485 serial connection to your VFD!

No, this is wrong and not the way you start and stop a spindle on a VFD. As explained above, if you have Modbus connection, you simply start the spindle with the g-code commands ➪ M3 (start spindle)Sx (where x is not 0) and stop it with ➪ M5 (stop spindle). You need no other connections, because the Modbus over RS-485 serial interface on pins 13 and 14 transmits all necessary commands. With Modbus, you control the VFD/spindle only by the g-code commands, either manually entered into the command entry field of the ➪ manual data interface (MDI) (in the tabbed section of CONTROL page), or when they are encountered in a running g-code toolpath.

And, again, I repeat, you got to find out yourself by using the search function what the FA FB FC outputs are for.

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Hi Julian. @Aiph5u , as always, has given you quite a bit of very good information. You seem to be mixing up how a router (such as Makita) and a VFD/spindle combo (such as the Rattmotor you referenced) work. They’re not the same.
The router is powered on and off by its switch or the IOT relay. You do NOT power on and off repeatedly a VFD/spindle, and so you also do NOT use the IOT relay to do that with a VFD/spindle either.

There are posts on how to use the router and IOT relay.
If you want to use the VFD/spindle in the future, once it’s all connected and set up, you turn on the VFD once at the beginning of your session. When running a program the Buildbotics controller over RS485 (pins 13 and 14 connected to the VFD) tells the VFD to start or stop the spindle, etc. You can use a cable like this one between the controller and VFD. With the VFD/spindle in this case you do NOT use pins 15 and 25. When done with your session of as many programs as you’d like to run, you can then turn off the VFD until the next time.

VFD/spindle combos are not plug-and-play unfortunately, unless you buy a ready-made kit like PWNCNC. Some other questions to ask yourself:
-Your kit does not come with a power cord from the wall to the VFD. Do you know how to source that?
-Your kit does not come with power cable from the VFD to the spindle. Do you know how to source that, connect it on the VFD side, and solder it to the aviation connector on the spindle side? (the soldering is not simple unless you are good at soldering)
-Do you understand the basic parameters of your VFD?
-Do you know how to enter the settings in the Buildbotics controller so that it communicates with the VFD?

Apologies if you are already familiar with these things, but I wasn’t familiar with all of them when I started looking into using a VFD/spindle for the first time.
The people on this forum are great and are here to help. Your best bet is to do some research, understand the basic functions of each part, and then you’ll know what questions to ask. It’s doable. I started from almost zero knowledge. But it takes a bit of time.
Good luck!

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Thanks for reaching out to me, this CNC setup is new to me but I have been diving in deep to the knowledge, I started with a FoxAlien WM3020 , which is great for beginners , but since I am into expanding CNC with aluminim sheet metal cutting, the Oneinfinity JourneyMan which I have ordered was the best choice, The Power and Flexibility when compared it with all these other Desktop CNC machines, plus OneInfinity hasa huge following and Forum as this.

I also did lots of research on Spindles, choose the Air Cool 2.2KW 220V Spindle and VDF, with the help of this community I compiled a configuration diagram, hopefully it can be used for others that new to installing the Break-Out Box , Spindle and VDF, this was very challenging to dive into since 3 parts are involves and you have to set them up to work correctly.

I haveattached the Diagram, I really hope it helps, note oher functions of the VDF have to be Programmed to enable RS-486 communication without human input, I included video link of tha guy that explain the Prgramming of the VDF, trust me its a really big help regarding the VDF.

I hope all others on the forum would share it as it will help many newbies to the Oneinfinity + Break-Out Device + Spindle + VDF.

Thanks to all and I hope to hear about your stepup also with OneInfinity…
YouTube Video on setting up VDF ( )