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Hey Jim,

I already understood what you meant and what you say about what the competitors machine’s controllers allow, it is that during the tool change pausing you can use the joystick to probe Z anywhere. As for this capability, I think of course we would wish the Onefinity machine to allow this (yet I don’t remember a post where they said that they or Buildbotics promised to set it on the todo list with a certain priority - do you?).

But the fact that Buildbotics offers a Controller and says, here in this text input field a CNC Machine Manufacturer can insert a tool change routine, a few gcodes for lifting the milling motor up and probing Z, and Onefinity simply doesn’t, I really can’t understand this. They leave the users with the milling motor stuck at a position where users have no chance to remove the milling bit and say, “so if it doesn’t raise the z high enough you cannot get your bit out”, meaning “at the moment we can’t do anything against it”, I asked myself, can they really be so unknowing? The simple example buildbotics gives and that I cited above entirely (or the one @Raziullah007 offered a little bit more below) would not leave the users stuck that way.

Fortunately users can and hopefully will put such an example into the “tool change” field themselves :slight_smile:

Good night! 2:32 am in central Europe!