Looking for that one font on your PC?

I have over 12,000 fonts, it has been a pain to figure out the font type to match what I was looking for until I found this free app. NexusFont it lets you see all the fonts you have installed. Note some fonts are all with in one font type example bold, italic and other variations. I have check the file for virus and malware and found none.

NexusFont Author site

CNet Downloads Link.


FontBook on the Mac does the same. But it seems like you have a font hoarding problem Frank :wink:

Bought a font pack from 1001freefonts.com their ultimate font pack 19.95 does have a lot of fonts I can use but give me license to use them in the items I sell. Just because you can install a font does not mean you have license to use in something you sell.

great website that can load you text and view your system fonts.

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Wordmark.it is limited unless you pay for more of their services, it not bad for $2 a month. But sometimes not always online to check.