Single Line Fonts

Morning All
Could anyone please steer me towards a single line font as near to Arial as possible
I need to produce a number of items with text on some being fairly small the customer would like Arial but when i get down to around 12mm or 1/2" it starts to get a bit tight with cutter diameter
Any thoughts or ideas would be gratefully received


Hey Darren,

I don’t know if you mean more space between the lines or thicker lines.

As you can see DejaVu Sans / Bitstream Vera Sans have more width as Arial. I find that with Arial, ubiquitous in the web, letters are very close side by side and narrow at same time and not that easy to read.

I also like Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro which are very pleasant, at least on the screen


Thanks for the info

What I am after is a font with a single vector

If you look at arial each letter has 2 vectors and a space between them when you create a tool path the choice is inside vector or outside vector or along vector but in order to get this to work on small fonts you need very tiny cutters.

What I am after is a font that has one single vector and the width is controlled by the size of the cutter


I don’t know if it is close to Arial, but have a look here: NCPlot - Stick Font

@CSM if you are using vectric there is a single font option and Helvetica looks very similar to Arial. I all make sure I ungroup the font and convert to curves so I can adjust the spacing of each letter myself.
Arial top Helvetica bottom

If you are using Vcarve there is an option in the Draw Text option. Just above where you select the font you want you have radio buttons that allow you to select TrueType fonts or Lingle Line fonts


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Here is a cool generator if you want, I’ve used it a few times on the OF and it worked awesome.


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Hey Darren,

Ah okay, I understand. I was assuming that you have a single line converter for converting fonts to single line.