Veterics question

ok simple question from a newbie i was trying my hand at a sign just to get used to the software ( verterics) and discovered that even with a 1/8 bit the software would not go inside the capital A and a few other letters. so two questions really how do i make it go inside the letters? and or how do i change the font without starting all over again/

How small is the lettering you are trying to do? You may have to use a 1/16th" bit for finer detail work like if you are trying to do the types of signs a lot of scroll saw folks do.

When I am working with that type of file I like to draw a little 1/8" circle and drag it around to various places as a reference. It helps to avoid having anything too small and fragile and can help show if the design needs to be tweaked to allow for bit diameter.

If a bulk of the work you are trying to do is like that, a laser may actually be more suitable. You don’t have to worry about work holding like you do on the CNC, and the “kerf” of the laser is pretty much non-existent.

For now though if it’s possible I would try scaling your design to fit the bits you have, or work on fileting inside corners where needed.