Help with V carve

I am trying to complete a sign. Using a 90 degree .5 v bit and a 1/8 em as a clearance bit. Keep having part of the sign not carved.
Thanks for helping

Is the V-bit being used as a cleanup tool for a pocketing operation? I can’t tell, but is the 1/2" small enough to fit? Did you have something set for the cut tolerance so it stepped inside (instead of outside) for the final cleanup pass?

When you run your simulation does it do the same thing?

Preformatted textIt is a v carve. Using a 1/8 em for clearance then the v bit to cleanup.Preformatted text

The simulation shows nothing

I find it interesting that the problem is consistently in the same respective location.sorry about the directional reference Al on the north east. I am wondering about your material zeroing procedure and accuracy.

try doing the same cut without a clarence tool. See if it’s the same outcome. Also, update to 11.009, perhaps it fixes this possible ‘bug’.

What do you mean the simulation shows nothing? If you’re using vcarve you can simulate how you’re piece is going to turn out very accurately. This way you can correct any mistakes or try different tools and toolpaths before you run your machine. Get to know this feature and it will save you a lot of trouble.

It shows there is no trash. Everything is removed properly. Sorry sick in bed today. Caught a stomach bug.

Is your bit size accurate? Some cheep bits are not the exact size. If the preview shows “no trash” it should look the same, given the bits used are the same as your tool geometry. Or as 1F commented to upgrade to 11, there might be known “bug”.

I up graded to night. Running file tomorrow. Bit was .112 Thanks

Thanks guys. Upgraded v carve tonight. Will run tomorrow. Let everyone know. Thanks again.

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