VCarve Pro V-Carve with Clearence Tool Question

First, just upgraded from carbide create and VCarve Pro is a really really nice change. I wasn’t expecting all of the nice features, but after just a little trial and YouTube, it is really nice.

Having said that, I did a trial VCarve today with the Clearance Tool selected. I understand that a clearance tool can’t get into the small spaces, but helps remove the larger bulk area. What I don’t understand is why the vcarve v bit didn’t clean up the rest?

In the picture, you will see an area between the walls of the narrower section that the 1/4 in end mill did not get, which I would expect. But what did the 60 degree v bit not pick this up and clear it out?

My start depth was .00 and flat depth was .2 inches. Used 60 degree v bit for V-Carve and 1/4 inch end mill for clearance. It was default to offset which I kept, cut direction was also default to climb so I didn’t touch that.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thanks! Bill

Looking at the picture it looks like the v bit did at least one pass trying to clear but could get further in as restricted by the diameter of the v bit at that depth.

I’d try the same cut but not so deep.


Did you follow one of the many tutorials because my memory is that you either offset or set inside/outside/on the vector. This may pull the 1/4 inch bit back further to let the v bit clear and then climb out of the narrowing areas on it’s own (as such)

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