Vcarve and clearing .125 em to clear[SOLVED]

Ok I think I know the answer but want to make sure, I’m not over thinking this.

Clearing away the material with a 1/8" downcut end mill and then run 60 degree vbit 1/4" Do I have to adjust the how the vbit cutting not to have it go deeper then the 1/8" endmill? I have trammed my 1F.

To clean this one up I should do and offset around the HOME letters and pocket again with the vbit maybe .002 deep? The wood is white oak I think.

Hi Frank - I think it depends on which profile you chose. If you chose the bottom of the letters, then the v-bit will never cut below that level, but may hit the sides of the letters while clearing. I wouldn’t pocket with the v-bit; I would trace the profile - probably with a flat end mill with a radial offset, but the v-bit might work too.


So OK, I get how to clear up just do another pocket. But how did stop this from happening. The flat bottom depth set to .125 for both end mills. I touched off using the probe when I went to use the v-bit.

Frank - I’m not seeing what “this” is? What is wrong or what is happening that is unexpected?


If the pocket tool path shown is for the second level the start height should be .125. Check the depth of the final depth and it should be .25 in.

The top level (Where the story begins) should be cut first. That should then be welded over the second level (Home) The start depth for the second level should be .125 (as stated earlier).

Did the project over again on another piece of wood. Found that the first time the bit must have been at the wrong level too deep.

Did the job again last night, much better little sanding will be good.


This looks real good!

That turned out real good.

Great Job keeping at it, very nice sogn.