Raised letters in a vcave

When doing a vcarve with a 1/8" downcut end mill and a 1/4" 60 vbit flat depth of 0.22. I get lines in the sides of the letters.

I did rerun the tool path several times working my way to .25 it cleaned it up a little. When I first did this is was on red oak and now this poplar. The read oak don’t see the lines.

Does it have thing to do with the jerk rate? I have recheck z several times.

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Is this an issue where you have too tight of tolerance between your roughing and finish pass? You could take a pencil and color in the corners left by the roughing end mill and then you can see of the lines are from the v it or end mill. Alternately are they from the top edge of the vbit which would indicate the slope is slightly wider than 60 degree

The lines are from the 1/8" end mill. I have gone from .22 to .25 flat depth, it has cleaned up a little(with 60 vbit). Do I try to do .28 to try to get closer?

@laynemims help figure out how to clean it up. Using the Amana RC-1145 60 degree vbit 1/2” was able to clean up the profile of the letters. It may have been the 1/8” end mill. Will have to figure out how to measure it better.

I was able to clean around the letters with a chisel.
Will post the finished photo tomorrow.

Now just have to decide out how to stain and paint it.

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I would try using a ball nose end mill next time and see if that helps.

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The ball nose would have been a longer time, rerunning the same original tool path was just enough over to clean up the lines using the RC-1145.