First carving attempt

Turned Great! except for the weird line. ( what might cause it? )
Amana 46280


Beautiful detail. I was just looking at that bit online earlier this week. I guess I need to go ahead and pull the trigger.

Assuming the 3D model is fine and the bit was tight in the router, my first guess would be that the material lifted up slightly from the work surface on a few passes.

For me, it looked like it skipped a path maybe?.( because the line is above the adjacent surface)
the roughing took 25m.
the finishing took around 2h.
I used the standard setting.
I think a lot of the settings and toolpath were not optimal.

Skipping a path seems unlikely as that would require a significant processing error to leave out part of a program. Something hardware or set-up related would make more sense. If you think the machine may be skipping “steps,” then I would double-check that all of your couplers are tight.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but MDF has a tendency to “fluff up” on edges, so I wasn’t sure if that was what we were seeing instead.

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Will do that.

Here is my first attempt and second successful. Lots to learn in VCarve Pro. My biggest problem is figuring out which bit to use, think I’m getting a handle on that. 1st attempt all good with 60 deg Vbit but thought I’d speed up the outside pocket process with a 1/4” down cut. It cut on the line at which point I stopped it after the first pass. Should of selected different size bits and paid better attention to the software. 2nd turned out great using 60 deg Vbit except for it was a 12hr. carve. So now the learning of efficiency combined with proper tool selection.