3D carve problems

I did a large 3D carve over the weekend & the finish pass was terrible. Had area that were missed & a few places that were carved & shouldn’t have been. This is the first time I’ve had this happen. Is there something I could have done to prevent this, or it just a glitch? The tool path was run in offset. First time I’ve tried that, so insure if that caused the problems.

Which program did you use?

I used VCarve Pro with a file I bought online. Have done a few other file before with no issues.

Did you re-zero your Z-Axis in the same place between tool changes?

Yes I did. The depth of the cut is too deep & that is entirely my fault. I’m wanting know if the skipped areas & cuts through the design are something I can prevent or if it’s just what happens sometimes.

Could possibly be corrupt file or EMI issues. Did you preview the file in VCarve Pro?

Yes, it looks fine in the preview, I’m going to run this again on some MDF but in a raster to see if it does any better