3d carve gets messed up

So i downloaded a 3dfile from thingiverse of a disc golf driver. I set up my file as a 2 sided print. The bottom prints fine, the top im having issues, it keeps messing up at the file pass. Tried 2 differnt stl files recalculated. Cleaned ball screws re oiled them.
Running vcarve pro latest version
Onefinity v1.09
Also when i hit home it doesnt home all the way. It comes up short on the y rail sometimes where i have to restart my onefinity. Anyo e have any ideas?


Not sure what your 2 sided cut issue is. Not clear what your “messing up at the file pass” means.

For your homing issue, it may be a stall homing issue. See this: How To Adjust Stall Homing (Video)

Sorry didnt know how to upload a video, change a whole bunch of settings, but i switched out cables and change jerk settings from 5000 to 1000, my original setting was 5000 in prior cuts and never had this issue before.

The part i having issue is last past of the circle its like a grinding noise and pause and gouges the circle.

Are you still having problems after changing out cables, etc?

Sounds like you are missing steps. Maybe this will help: Troubleshooting: Rail is getting hung, stuck, or out of alignment

Could also be a wiring problem still, or EMI issues.