X Shifting to Right with multiple depth passes

I’ve seen this with 2 of my carves that were both close to the left /front of my machine. Once while carving letters, though it only affected the 1st (left most letter) of 5 letters. Now, trying to make a fence along X/Y and seeing the same issue. Used VCarve Desktop 1.5 with OneFinity (Inch) post processor downloaded last week. It only occurs to X axis so far and both instances I was about 2-5 inches from X=0.

My first cut was in the middle of the machine and cut perfectly!

No major tweaks to settings in OneFinity (just did my first carve a week ago). Running v1.5, what the CNC shipped with.

I also tried to modify my tool path to cut in 1 pass AFTER I did this 4-pass carve. It cut precisely along the lowest X distance, cutting nothing at all.

Any assistance would be appreciated before I start cutting up more expensive woods than MDF.

Thanks in advance,

Some Pics so it’s clear what is occurring.



Viewing the path cutout in VCarve shows there are no deviations in X during 4 depth passes.

Could you post your VCarve project file? I suspect that this might be related to the “circle chatter” bug that others have seen. I’d like to try your toolpaths on my machine to see if it’s the same thing.

Here’s the file.

I’ve been at this for a week now, but this seems like a bug. I’ll also not that I accepted the homing as my default for X and Y both times this occurred for me. On the other project, only the left most letter was affected, all others were perfect. I already deleted that tool path though.

Thank you!

Cutout Straight edge 1_4 Endmill.ngc (1.8 KB)