Box sides offset

Tried making a box tonight and have these uneven offsets on the left and right side. And one side and thinner than the other. Any idea on what may have been the issue. Using 1.0.6 beta and VCarve Pro 10.5.


Those look nice :+1:
Yeah, that’s a bummer, it’s off by quite a bit!!
Just off the top of my head, I could suggest a couple.

  1. This has happened to me, in Aspire my picture (vector line) actually moved, or I moved it by accident. Forgot to center the box. So everything was off center by a bit like yours.
  2. Work piece moved
  3. You didn’t zero the XY properly. (Probe wasn’t seated properly)

Chris has good suggestions. Though I’m thinking for #3 everything would be off the same amount unless you did a bit switch and re-zeroed.

Where in the cut process were the walls milled? beginning, middle, end? If you lost steps, everything after would be offset as well.


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