XY Orgin shifting

Two days in a row xy is not where I have set after jogging the machine.
Anyone having this problem? What could be happening? Been using the machine since Early March, never happened before

Alright this is getting annoying. Why is my xy shifting. This is happening mid carve. It starts carving lower (further front of machine) on the stock.


. @OnefinityCNC any help?

I believe mine is doing the same thing. Are you using Fusion360 by chance?

No, this with vcarve desktop

Just realized something. Looks like both times it is working fine and getting the detail while cutting in Raster until it comes to this point where the red arrows are pointed. Looks like the exact same place. I automatically thought that it’s in the gcode… HOWEVER how is my xy Orgin setting shifting and showing 0,0 for both xy at the end of carve.

Are you using vcarve 11 or 10.5?

10.5 (20 Character fill in)

This just happened to me last night. probed x,y,z, ran first tool, contour and pocket ops. Switched tools, probed z and started running a pocketing path. Tool path was shifted 1.05" left.

Do you have two different programs or one program with a tool change?

That’s wierd. It’s not a fluke then, and I doubt it will go away by itself. Can you post your feeds, speeds and cut type (Raster or along the X or Y axis)

All done in Fusion360. Posted out each tool as a separate operation. Bottom pocket is supposed to be inline with the top pocket. Bottom pocket was cut with a 1/4" downcut EM. Top pocket roughed with a 1/4" upcut EM.

Are both toolpaths under the same setup block in Fusion?

Yup. All under one set-up.

My idea is out the window then. Can you upload the files somewhere? I’d be willing to see if I can replicate the issue.

Cut it on Foam along the Y axis rather than Raster and it came out good. I’ll be trying it on wood again.

Happened again today twice in a row. Luckily it was a test cut. Did my Rough and detail, after the detail the x was 3+ inches off. Luckily just had the profile to finish the cut and the design was perty fergiving. I reset the x as best I could again set it to home. Cut the profile and when it was done it was off again 3+ inches X only. @OnefinityCNC are you guys aware of this?

Looks like high jerk settings and offset tool paths don’t mix. FYI

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