Carve went off center then X axis jammed

At the 80 minute mark of a 115 minute pocket carve… the tool path went off center and started cutting in to the sidewall of the pocket. 1/4" end mill pocket had cleared fine for 6 passes. After stopping the program, lifting the spindle (Z) and moving the spindle back out of the way with the joystick so I could inspect I noticed that the spindle would only move along the x axis for only 2 inches in either direction. Any suggestions for cause and remedy? I shut down the controller, waited a few minutes then started again. It actually let me Home the XY. When I went to set the xyz probe on the piece to see if I was back operating normally, after setting the Z axis the machine jammed while trying to set the X probe.
BTW: My shop is heated to 68 -70 degrees (wood stove). I never start the CNC until room temp in the shop is 60 degrees. My Journeyman CNC is only 9 months old and has not had problems previously HELP…

Have you been doing the maintenance on it?
[Onefinity CNC Maintenance]
You may have dust in the bearings or something.

Could also be a loose cable.

Did an oil check and topped up with 3 in 1 about 15 hours of carving ago. Can’t find a loose cable and I usually wipe down the rails lightly before starting a carve and always give it a blast of air after I carve. Also it will move a bit further if a lower speed and almost no movement at the higher speed setting with the joystick

Maybe look into the stall current settings

Thanks Atroz… is this a setting within VCarve? Didn’t know it had a stall current setting.

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I was talking about this.

Might not be your problem but I was just thinking that perhaps it was seeing too much current draw and was stopping.

Hey scotthubic,

I would check the points in Troubleshooting: Rail is getting hung, stuck, or out of alignment (x35/x50 machines) one by one. Note that this support document contains the hint to be on the latest firmware, but as of this writing, this will lead you to 1.2.1, however if you look at the 1.2.1 thread, it might well be the “Latest firmware”, but not the “Latest stable firmware” :slight_smile:). Latest really stable is 1.0.9 that many people still run without issues.


Thanks Atroz… I don’t think current could be an issue as its a no static environment and nothing else running other than the lights. For 80 minutes it was fine. Also not sure if current could cause the carve to lose its path… I appreciate the trouble shooting Thank you

I’m not talking about your house current. The video in the link I provided tells you about how the OneFinity CNC uses voltage and current at the stepper motors to do stall homing. I was thinking it was seeing too much resistance to moving which would cause it to use more current to try and move and that’s causing it to stop. I may be wrong, follow the troubleshooting as per the link Aiph5u provided.