Carving that randomly goes off gcode

So I have a 3d carve that I have run multiple times and today about 45 min into the carve it decided to randomly misplace itself on the x axis, more than likely ruining 2 of my 4 carves. This is not the first time it has randomly gone off coarse, damaging my carve. Are there others that have experienced this same thing or is it just me? Ultimately these issues are costing me money and its frustrating and I am not sure if I can continue to trust this machine to do the right thing.

I’d suggest contacting support for assistance. I have run 1 million line + g code files successfully, the one time I had a issue with a carve getting thrown off was my error. Before I had proper cable management my spindle cord got caught up between the X rail gantry and the end stop causing it to lose it’s correct X location. Since then I’ve corrected the cable management issue but I also don’t run carve operations near the limits of either axis just in case, might be worth trying out if you are working close to the limits of an axis… of course if you’re working at the limits of the cutting area then it’s not feasible.

How are you connecting everything to power?

I don’t have my 1F yet so I’m just throwing this out. EMI (electromagnetic interference) could be an issue. I think that’s what 1F is getting at with the question about cable management. Are you using a router or a spindle (The VFD of a spindle is worse but any motor with brushes can cause issues)? Do you have a dust collector? Dust collectors are famous for creating static electricity. An easy solution is to run a bare copper wire inside the flexible pipe attached to ground. Do the trim routers have 2 or 3 pronged plugs? If just 2 then you may need to ground the router.

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