Spindle just went off toolpath and ruined carve

I am so stumped and frustrated. I started this carve of canadian flag (for the game tonight) and experiences some kind of malfunction. 1st TP was outside bevel. I should also mention, I undersized to 46" to make sure no boundaries issues. During outside bevel, it stopped approx 4 times. Just suddenly Unhomed, stopped and had to shut off spindle, rehome and center and z probe. Happened 2 more times for inside bevel.

Went ok to next tool change which was a large 1 1/4" with many passes to minimize overload and dust. It was almost done 2nd last clearing pass when it paused for a split second and just plowed into the leaf as shown with screw.

Not sure if it matters but I did just get a new surface pro 8, updated processor to journeyman as shown.

I guess my question is…what the hell happened???

Hey Wallles,

I don’t know if you read this from the other day:


…70 posts in topic later:

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That sounds like my issue…thanks Aiph5u

OF support once again came though :clap:. It was buildup of mostly mdf dust in ballnut in y axis gantry. Good cleaning and tweeking of set screws etc and good as new…

Hey Wallles,

thanks for reporting. So then it was this :slight_smile:

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