Help needed with a toolpath

Hi All,

The great news is that my replacement controller arrived after about 6 days which was awesome.
The shite news is that I tried to run a similar toolpath to the one that destroyed my controller, and I had the same issues… this time losing a bit as well.

Looking for help from the community to try figure out why my 1f is battling with these toolpaths?

Attached image “K” : The cut that broke my controller. The inside profile cut perfect but on the outer profile it hit the corners, stuttered and then… well you can see what happened next. I tried running the toolpath both climb and conventional and it happened both ways. my feed rate was 180 ipm for this, (1/4 DC endmill), so I though it was hitting the corners too fast and causing issues. The inside profile is set to cut on the path, the outer profile (failed) was set to cut outside the path.

Attached image “&”: Todays cut with my new controller. I did some 3D carves yesterday and had no problems at all. tried a different letter today with similar toolpaths and bit. Slowed the feed down to 140ipm (material is 22mm MDF) but had the exact same thing happen - on the outer profile again.
After last weeks incident, I am too shit scared to hit the E-Stop button, as I feel it is the cause of 90% of controller issues. By the time I had manage to stop it I had broken my bit.

Going to attach the V carve file that I just ran if anyone can maybe have a look to see if there is anything obviously wrong - but I really cant figure this one out.
Troublesome Toolpaths.crv (2.2 MB)

Hi Kyle,

I brought your design file into Aspire V11 for a look and found nothing super obvious. When I ungrouped your vectors, it appears that you have a bazillion nodes to be processed. It might not hurt to curve fit vectors to reduce the number. I don’t believe it should make any difference since both inner and outer vectors have lots of nodes and the first cut seems to be working as desired.

The photos seem to indicate that the machine is getting “lost” between the first and second cuts. I’ve seen this happen on our ShopBot and my Workbee when I’ve run against a stop (even slightly). I’m still setting up my new 1F so I don’t know how much Z height I’ll have. I see you retract 40mm between cuts. Is it possible it’s running up against something between Profile 3 and Profile 1? Does an air-cut yield the same results (except for the broken bit )?

Looking forward to actually using my Onefinity Woodworker X50.

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Hi Russell,

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I seem to get all the nodes on my imported DXF files. Whether it is logo vector work coming from Adobe Illustrator or exported DXF files from Solidworks parts, V-Crave Pro seems to love adding in all these excessive nodes - which undoubtable complicate the carving process.

I have been trying to stick to simple, original windows fonts for a while to see if this helps, but now I am even having the issue where once I offset the original font path, it creates a new path with a million nodes.

Anyone possibly have any information on how to deal with this kind of issue?

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