Tool path shift up for no reason


for some reason when i run this tool path my cnc doesn’t follow it. It starts where it should but then all of a sudden it shift an inch or so up. When i stop the run, and start over, i noticed that the home position is up about the same amount the cut shifted up. I’ve cycled on and off to make sure it wasn’t just a bug but it happened over and over.

here is the video of me runnin the cut. Keep note that i intentiallny set the z high so that it will just do an air cut. You see how it jumps up a couple of inches. please help.

That clunking noise isn’t right. Sorry, but really hard to tell what the cause is; config, soft limits, gcode,

Anything showing on the controller? Is it all green and good to go? Soft limits ok?..

If no one on the forum responds i’d try 1F support

I think I found the issue. I added a 5” ramp and during the ramping sequence, the path is going through a circular cut and that causes the onefinity to spaz out. When I reduced the ramp to 2”, the issue stopped. I think the ramp was too aggressive for such a small space. Hope that helps others here.

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Good to find but surprised that the controller does not warn you about outside cutting limit.