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Not sure if this is the right place for this - is there a designated forum spot for bugs? Should they be posted to BuildBotics instead?

Had a toolpath the other day with Z zeroed at the bottom, and the whole toolpath cutting cm or 2 above. (The way the bit was mounted cutting to 0 would have gone under the Z soft limit.) The first move in the file didn’t specify a Z explicitly, and apparently in this case the sim S/W assumes it’s at 0, and so flags it as under & won’t cut. Had to hand-edit the 1st G0 to add a high Z in order to cut the path.

In more detail:
To reproduce:

  • short bit with home Z set so low that driving bit there would exceed Z minimum soft limit (I zeroed to the wasteboard w/ a short flattening bit chucked way in, machine would hit soft Z limit probably a few mm above Z=0
  • toolpath that stays above Z0 (mine has a Zmin of ~14, so is OK to cut in the above setup)
  • Controller rejects path as UNDER in Z, apparently assuming Z starts at 0 (error msg implies it thinks the toolpath is trying to get to Z=0)

Toolpath shown below, 1st move doesn’t specify any Z, which I think is legit. If I add, e.g. “Z41” to the 1st G0 on N35 it seems to prevent the controller from assuming a 0, and accepts the toolpath

Fusion 360 with 1F post-proc produces:
(T1 D=25.4 CR=0 - ZMIN=14.633 - FLAT END MILL)
N10 G90 G94 G17 G91.1
N15 G21

N20 S3820 M3
N25 G54
N30 M8
N35 G0 X161.51 Y8.379
N40 G43 Z41.133 H1
N45 G0 Z31.133

Bugs got to onefinity support not buildbotics as they are based on but a separate code line.

Post more details as chances are it is explainable. Software, post processor, settings, process etc. All the steps you use to recreate it.

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Updating original post, but I’m guessing “bugs go to 1F support” means I should email them to, rather than posting here?