Machine moving zero again

So I set my zero front left as I’ve been doing for almost two years of running a cnc almost a year now on the Onefinity specificly.

Previous night at the end of my carve I sent the machine home before shutting down. I noticed the machine was not at the original zero that I set.

Today I reset the zero to the edge of my workpiece and cut my design with my roughing bit, when it finished I saw that when the machine went back to zero it was off in the Y direction by atleast .250 again, So I set my zero again the the edge of the workpiece and cut out the basketball (detail bit). The basketball was cut out touching the name (was designed with space) and the bit again was off when the carve was done. What is going on here.

Did it again. I noticed when it got to the end of the board at 29 inches it made an audible “prrrt” sound. For those of you who have used an xcarve. Kind of like when the belts would skip a tooth. Im also getting the same results where the zero shifts.

Guess no one has had this problem…

I guess I’ll use this as a blog at this point to help others with similar problems.

So been using the machine for almost a year. Had never cleaned the bearings. Cleaned them out today and there was lots of oil saturated wood dust/shavings behind the wipers.

It makes sense that it would have trouble stopping in a precise spot because of the clogs in the bearings. So I will see if I can replicate the problem now that they are clean and freshly oiled.

I’m not sure if this is the same issue or not, as I wouldn’t expect the machine to hit the end of the rail at 29 inches, but it does sound like something is stopping it from moving all the way to the opposite end. Sometime this is due to the two Y railes not being aligned, or when dust accumulates on the end of the rail, robbing you a couple mm in travel.

Try this, home the machine, then move the machine all the way back and right, then back home again. See if it comes back to 0 or not. If it doesn’t you’ve probably lost a few steps when reaching the far end of one or both of the axis. If that is the case, you can adjust the soft limits of the machine to adjust how far it travels on the axis. I have a brief part of this video showing the process:

Hope that helps

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Forgot to mention, I’ve also experienced loss of steps during cutting operastions when:

  • Trying to push the machine too fast on tight radii
  • Setting the Max-Deviation setting too high
  • Current settings on the motors was too low (also effected stall homing occasionally, especially on cold days)

I purchased those wipers. Just gotta print them. I’ve cut hundreds of thing on the machine over a year and hadn’t had a problem. I always use dust collection been about a month and a week ago since I cleaned the bearings /maintenance and here we go again. @OnefinityCNC can you guy’s give any suggestions. Getting frustrated, pushing dates back for customers and loosing money on ruined carves. I have the latest firmware. Maintenance down a little over a month. Only done a couple simple carves since then.

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Perform maintenance often. Always use dust collection. suck up/blow up dust after every carve. These are the things we mention in the maintenance video and manual.

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That’s the problem. I do all that. Just did not too long ago. Best tested settings for jerk motor current etc…?

Defaults are the best settings.

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I just got my machine up and going and have noticed the same exact thing. Machine origin will be off by an inch or so… Usually on y axis.

I’ve noticed it happens more when something goes wrong or freezes and I try to restart the machine.

I’ve only ran a couple of boards this far, and shouldn’t be seeing this issue. My first project I lost a workpiece because my machine zero “drifted”.

My biggest issue is that the monitor or wire is loose and my screen freezes. Then things go haywire on me.

If you restart the machine you will need to re-zero your work offset, this is one of the reasons it is best to use a corner or some referenceable point for your zero point, if you use the center and line it up by drawing an X, then cut away that X, it will be near impossible to re-align the zero after a restart.

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