First Project with XY Zeroing Issues

Hey Guys,

I’m in my shop today to do my first carve on the Onefinity. I got everything set up, used the Touch Probe in the bottom left corner and everything seemed good… or so I thought.

When I ran the first toolpath, it started carving in the middle of the board and proceeded to cut toward me, about 6 inches off the end of the board. I realized right away that I must have done something wrong and hit the stop button.

I’m sitting here right now trying to figure things out and I know it’s likely very simple. I know when I designed the project in VCarve Pro, I chose the xy datum position to center. So I’m assuming that I need to somehow tell the Onefinity machine to start at center and not bottom left. But that’s just my guess.

If anyone can shoot me a quick reply to let me know what I need to do in order to try running this again, that would be wonderful!



You need to set your zero to the center of the board, so it matches your g code. You do this by setting your bit at the center of the board and using the controller to set the x and y zero. You can use the touch probe for z zero.


Ok, thanks. I was thinking that this was the issue. I was thinking of drawing a light pencil line diagonally from opposite corners to find center. I figure that is likely the most accurate way to find center.

Should I set the center first and then touch probe for z zero after?

After you home the Onefinity you can use the MDI tab to enter g code to move to the center, on the woodworker it will be g0 x408 y408 or for the journeyman g0 x609.5 y408 assuming you are in metric units. Using imperial units the woodworker is G0 x16.0625 y16.0625 and the journeyman is g0 x24 y16.0625

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The order of zeroing xyz is whatever you prefer.

Yup, that is my preferred method (x&y located via the penciled diagonal center) as well. I sometimes manually entering zero with a piece of paper instead of using the automatic probe offset.