3d Carve Question - Vectric

Question for those that are good at 3d carves. I did my first one this weekend and overall I think it came out quite nice. When I did the preview it looked exactly like I wanted it to. I did the carve but it had large sections of wood that should have been cleared but weren’t. When I went back to the file and tilted it (like I should have done in the first place) those uncleared sections were clearly there, I just missed them.
Question is what should I have done to make sure those were cleared like they were supposed to be? Watching the preview of it running the roughing pass goes over them but doesn’t clear them. I used Vectric Pro.

Looks like you just didn’t have a tool path to clear the space between the 3D carve and the outer circle. You may have set your 3D carve to only carve the object and not out to the circle boundary. I think you can either have your 3D carve take care of it, or do a separate pocket tool path to do the area between the 3D and perimeter (likely faster, likely use a bigger bit).

Got some help on the Vectric page in FB. I had to ungroup the vectors then use vector boundary for the roughing path and keep model boundary for the finish path. Preview came out perfectly.