V carve depth issues

So i keep having issues with consistent depth on vcarving numbers. I am using the probing block by flipping it upside down and hitting probe for z on the monitor. It does its thing but it wont cut at the same depth every time. It cut to deep one time so i probed for z with a piece of sand paper under the block and it barely skimmed the surface. Any ideas what it is? Is there a glitch in the software? On a side note i have gone back over the same spot i vcarved without redoing any adjustments or moving the board and it was off on one area but good in another area. I have checked my waist board levels and made sure the bit isnt slipping. I think i have basically checked all the obvious things that may mess up the depth.

First thing I would check would be the flatness of your material. Did you surface the material at the start as this would account for problems with the depth issues your are getting?

The board may look flat but sometimes it is not the case.

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