CNC is carving too deep

I’ve had my machine for about a month and had zero issues with it until recently. I’ve designed a project that uses v-carve toolpaths, and both the roughing (1/4" end mill) and detail (60 degree v-bit) are carving way too deep (Set depth: 0.1 in, Actual Depth about 0.3 in).

I’m using CarveCo Maker, and have gone over the toolpaths multiple times with no apparent causes. The max depth is set to 0.1 in and when I check the Onefinity Woodworker Pro display, it indeed is showing a Z-Depth of 2.54 mm (0.1 in). Only problem is that the cuts are WAY too deep (0.33 in) when measured with a caliper.

A couple things worth considering:

  1. I did move the machine (I pivoted the table 90 degrees) and secured it to the floor with leveling feet (set about 1/8" higher than casters)

  2. I did some wire management, which involved unplugging and re-plugging in all the wires on the machine at the controller box end.

  3. In a separate Carveco Maker file, I recently created a new bit (Keyhole bit) with a plunge depth of 0.25in. This was a separate file and only one project (not this one) uses that bit. I checked the bit choices in the target file and they are the correct ones (end mill / vbit).

  4. This is my first attempt using spraypainted MDF with a protective sheet on top to allow me to spraypaint the carved areas. However, these are nowhere near the thickness needed to throw off the probe

  5. I am using the Onefinity xyz probe. I checked this and it seems to be working fine.

  6. Also, I zeroed the Z-Axis manually then raised it up 10mm and confirmed that it actually moved 10mm (it did)

  7. I deleted all the G-code files from the machine and reloaded new files from a thumb drive, after checking to make sure they’re the right toolpaths with the right depth.

I’m really at a loss here and dont know what else (or how) to troubleshoot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.