Help with carving

Hi everyone
I was wondering if anyone had a solution for this line I get when I’m v craving ( 60 degree bit ) any input would be great. Thanks

toolpath and vectors chosen for them. is what i assume is causing them.
Id like to mention a youtube channel that has helped me tremendously as a new user of the vcarve or vectrics programming

hope im not violating any rules here in the forum if so please delete or inform me and ill gladly remove this comment

I’m no expert, but for my 2-cents worth, I would try either or both of the following:

  1. A new, known sharp, bit
  2. Try switching the “Cut Direction” to be “Conventional” instead of “Climb”
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Thanks and yes I have looked him up.
I have a nice tight Stepover so I’m surprised I get this issue and I used vetor doctor and no problems. Thanks

Hi, without more information it may be hard to give the correct answer. One question that I have are you starting off with a 100% flat surface on the work piece. It could be that you are referencing the z height in two different locations that have a different height because the starting work piece is not flat.

Just a thought…

Your interior corners all appear rounded out. Is this intended? If not, your V-bit may be wobbly or out of alignment. By chance, are you using a bit with replaceable blades like the Amana RC-1148? These bits are notorious for arriving misaligned.

An exaggeration, but for visual aid:

Additionally, are you re-probing from a constant height between tool changes? It also looks like your clearance path is running from a different Z reference than the V-carve

Thanks for the input. I will look into all these things.

I HIGHLY recommend Kyle at learn your CNC! @learnyourcnc on Facebook


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Which 60Deg Vbit are you using? My first vcarve attempts looked like that, using WhiteSide 1550. I switched to Whiteside 1541 and set RPM to 17K / 80ipm and my vcarves look awesome. The 1541 is a three flute, and it is awesome. I also use the 30deg from Precise Bits at same rates, and that one is just as amazing. Here is a pic of a coaster I made for my daughter with the 1541. Hope this helps.