GCode looks different on 1F preview

OK, designed this sign for my brother in law in Carbide Create.
The letters are all mostly cut with a V bit, and the tools and cut out is with a 1/8th.

If I export the VBit code and 1/8th separately (This is the way I always did with Shapeoko, not sure if necessary with 1F or if it will prompt for tool change), the 1/8th stuff looks in the correct postition, but the Vbit looks pushed to the right.

If I export all code, it looks as it should on the controller. Any ideas?

It does look like it should… If you included a profile pass around your stock it would also display the larger size.

The preview on the 1F only shows the dimensions of what’s being cut in that file - it won’t show you the entire stock.

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Got ya. Thanks. The cut did turn out fine.