Shapeoko gcode files

This is probably a dumb question, but here goes anyway. Do all of the files I have saved as Shapeoko gcode need to be resaved as Onefinity or will they be read correctly by the onefinity?

They will need to be resaved in carbide create (assuming you made them there) using the grbl post processor in their selection at the top.

I made all of the files in Vectric V carve Pro using Vectric Shapeoko post processor.
I assume that also holds true for Vectric.

Same, You’ll just resave them using the Onefinity post processor.

I had a Shapeoko as my first CNC, now Onefinity. I can confirm it is necessary to resave using the Onefinity post processor for Vcarve Pro and Aspire.

Thanks, Ken. I appreciate the help. I am in Alaska so with dark winter on its way, I will have something to do saving the files.

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@Pa12pilot I spent a little time in Alaska during my USAF days. But for me, short couple weeks at a time and generally in the summer months when the sun never set. North of Fairbanks. My advice if moving is not an option, get large lights and use the ‘Daylight’ frequency. Take care!

Since I have been here most for many years I am used to it. With fishing closed down for winter I have a lot of fun doing CNC projects.

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