1f error message

Hi can anyone please help me I’ve got a error message on my 1f and now sure what to do

The other problem I have is when I try to download a file in the bottom right corner there is a box that says Customized file and when I press this Another box appears saying all files but it won’t let me highlight it what am I doing wrong? Any advice would be great Dez

I haven’t seen that error message before - my best guess would be there is something wrong with the gcode file or it contains non gcode type commands in it. As for the “customised files” vs “all files” you should stick with “customised files” as that will limit you to selecting .nc .ngc .gcode or .gc files which are the typical extensions for a gcode program file. If you upload the specific gcode file that is failing for you I can attempt to load it and look for an issue.

Hi thanks for take the time to look at my problem,
I’m try to cut a spoil board it’s a file from a guy on ytube he’s posted it for free on thingyverse here is the link

I’ve had my1f for about6 weeks now and only manged to cut one thing out for my daughter so any help is really appreciated thanks again Dez

The file shared on thingaverse is a .obj file, you can’t load it directly on the Onefinity controller. You would need to open it on something like Fusion 360 and create the gcode files for the Onefinity to run.

Hey all,

I would consider this to be a good Feature Request for the docs. Neither the Owner’s Manual on page 30 “Loading a Program” nor the official video “Loading a Program” says something like “Be sure to load only files suitable for a cnc, i.e. containing gcode”. This leads to many beginners making this mistake.

On the other hand, nobody should think that one learns how to operate a CNC machine by reading the machine’s manual. It would be a bit like learning to drive a car by reading the manual for the car.

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Firmware v1.0.8 does not allow for anything other than gcode the controller will work with to be loaded (or shown). Previous firmware did not have that check.

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If you change the extension to a ‘supported’ one it will attempt to parse the file and it produced a similar error he had above.

Perhaps a ‘try - except’ block to more gracefully handle the exception and provide useful feedback would be helpful.

Hey Derek,

it’s true that this type of error reporting cannot be understood by a normal user. But to avoid these, the programmer needs to catch up all possible user errors.

feel free

But I find the fix in 1.0.8 which avoids opening wrong file endings is enough for practical use. It would have avoided opening the .obj file above.

I’m not sure if a user who thinks one can open an .obj file with the Onefinity would rename a file ending.

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As a developer, 90% of my code was exception handling and anticipating unexpected input :slight_smile:

However that is exactly what happened above…

Your previous reply indicated you would like a feature enhancement to verify the content of the file:

I personally don’t need this sort of feature enhancement and I doubt that Onefinity would include my forked build of their code in an official release :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for that I’ll try it and let you know how I get on

That’s what I meant. If you don’t catch it up, user will meet it.

On the other hand, if a fix is enough for practical use, you are always evaluating on what is the most important to do next, isn’t it.

He renamed the file ending? Thought it was you that renamed the file ending

As long as I was not aware that the fix in 1.0.8 now checks file endings, I suggested to put a hint into the docs.

Now that I am aware of the fix, as I stated, I find it enough for practical use. It would have avoided the user opening files with wrong endings.

I thought you wanted this feature enhancement, since you posted this:

You don’t need to fork to send a patch. Why would they not welcome your patch?


Glad I could be of assistance, I’m here to help if you have additional questions.