How To Remove All Gcode Files Manually (Fix for stuck file)

How to remove all gcode files manually.

This process is used for when you see a stuck file.
In 99% of cases, a incompatible file was loaded (such as the design file) and not gcode. The controller can read files labeled .nc, .ngc, .gcode.
After running the below instructions, ensure you update to 1.0.9 firmware (or later) and the controller will prevent incompatible files from being able to be uploaded.

These instructions are intended for scenarios where, for some reason, the controller becomes unresponsive, due to a bad gcode file, loading a design file and not gcode, or potentially a bug in the handling of one or more files.

You must plug a USB keyboard into your controller.

Press Ctrl+T and then press C

This will give you a terminal window on the controller.

Type the following, exactly, then press Enter:

sudo rm /var/lib/bbctrl/upload/* , then press Enter.

Press Ctrl+D

You will now be back to the controller software. You may need to hit the ‘Refresh’ button in the browser.

Ensure you update to the latest firmware to prevent this in the future.

Reflash the OS here: